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Dimensions of bells and their fastening

It may sound odd at first, but ship bells are most commonly measured in a square dimension. This way it is easy to determine the actual measurement criterion - the bell's diameters - which is often according to the bell's height. A bell with a diameter of 15cm (measured at the bottom of the bell's body) is usually also 15c in height. This harmonious proportion causes a well-balanced chime.

The dimension of the bell bracket is determined without regard to the rough estimate of the bell's proportion. Brackets for ship bells are usually rather narrow to provide the necessary stability to hold the full weight of the bell. A locking bolt, shackle, or screw connects the bell to its bracket. The bell is always mounted in a way that it has room to slightly swing when chimed. If it were tightly attached to the bracket, the bell would not swing so easily and the sound would therefore be less appealing.